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The grapes were harvested from the south slopes of Štiavnické vrchy, the village of Čajkov, the hunt Pond. Grapes were macerated for about 2 hours on the skin. After pressing, it went directly into the barrels of the pistachio oak (2 new, 2 two
times and 1 three times used) where the fermentation took place. After the fermentation was complete, the drums were rolled and the wine matured in them for one year on coarse sludge. Prior to finalizing, the wines from all drums were taken together for 2 months in a stainless steel container. Filled without clearing
or filtration.

Wine produced by the traditional method without the use of selected yeasts, enzymes and other additives. Wine is unfiltered, fine sediment is a natural phenomenon.

The year 2015 is an ood for lovers of mineral wines. It has a much higher  minerality than the 2013 year. The wine is presented in a bright yellow amber color. Rich, yet elegant smell of yellow fruit, citrus, touch of vanilla and hazelnuts.
The taste is full, juicy, delicately spicy, strong  mineral undertones. The flavor enriches the touch of wood, which is only in the background, the wood is now very nicely integrated. Pleasant acid greases on your tongue and adds a distinct
freshness to a delicious conclusion. Wine is still very young, full of beauty is unleashed over the next few years. Decide to put this piece into the pub! I'm just not sure whether or not you can handle it, it's already great to drink ...

Year: 2015

Variety: Pinot Gris
Color: White
Sugar content: dry
Volume: 0.75l
Alcohol: 13.5%

Application temperature: 10 - 12 ° C
Storage temperature: 10 - 12 ° C

Food pairing : light fish dishes and shells.