Gageleer Original 75cl

Gageleer Original 75cl

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Gageleer is a golden beer that forms a beautiful white foam head in the Gageleer glass. It is brewed with honest organic ingredients: the finest barley malt, partly from local Kempen organic farmers, and gale from De Liereman (nature reserve in the Kempen Oud-Turnhout), without additives or preservatives.

Gagel is a low shrub that grows in the nutrient-poor marshes of the Kempen. Its aromatic leaves and flowers were already used in the Middle Ages as the main constituent of gruut, the then flavor and preservative of beer. That old recipe has been brought back to life in the Gageleer.

The beer is not pasteurized and is therefore completely pure and natural. Gageleer undergoes a second fermentation and a long maturation in the bottle, giving it its characteristic taste.

There is a nice balance between the malty, slightly sweet, fruity and spicy aroma and a subtle bitterness. The taste of the gale is characteristic and unique: spicy with a hint of pepper and eucalyptus. It is a refreshing beer, but due to its alcohol content of 7.5%, it is nevertheless a strong drink.


Content: 75cl
Alcohol percentage: 7.5%
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